Daniel Bell, one of our regular TRI Intensive participants, sadly lost his grandfather in 2017. His name was Burns Anderson. It was a family highlight to see Daniel doing what he loves up on the stage at The Great Hall as part of the annual TRI show. In honour of Mr. Anderson, the Bell family has made a contribution to Toronto Rhythm Initiative to allow for young dancers to share their love for tap dance with their families in the same tradition. We are now in our second year of offering a scholarship program in his name to aid dancers in financial need hoping to attend our summer program. 



  • Dancers must be age 12-21

  • have 6 years minimum tap experience

  • be of intermediate, advanced, or pre-professional level

  • Applications will be accepted for Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Vaughan locations only. This bursary is not available for TRI Junior Prep Program or Toffan Rhythm Projects Artist Symposium.




1. Write a submission (2 pages max) outlining:

A brief personal history 

  • Why you love tap, previous programs you’ve attended, highlights of your tap journey thus far, and future goals within the dance.


Why you’d like to attend our program 

  • What does the TRI Intensive have in particular you’d benefit from?


Why you’d benefit from a full scholarship

  • Outline financial need



2. Include two videos of your dancing (youtube or vimeo link)

  • Can be a solo, group, duo/trio 

  •  BONUS POINTS if you choreograph one of these videos yourself!


**Doesn’t have to be a performance on stage. Videos of your own choreography and/or improvising at your regular studio, in your basement, or on a tap board will be great!**

  • both videos must be in the tap dance genre


3. A letter of recommendation 


  • letter must come from a dance professional, not a family member


Submissions were due April 24; this program is now closed for the season.


Please check back here next year for information on the bursary program for 2020.

All applicants have been notified.