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Allison comes to the table with a lengthy history of providing excellence in tap dance education, successful grant applications, producing a multitude of events of varying scope, and has built an extensive network of top artists in multiple genres of dance, music, theatre, and beyond. Since 2018, she has been sought after as a grant writing consultant, project development adviser, and producer.

Whether you're interested in applying for a grant, need guidance with strategic development, or are looking for a producer please reach out! Allison is passionate about transforming vision into reality with inspired, like-minded people. With a fierce "figure it out, no matter what" mentality, we can forge a path to success together! 

Download Allison's CV below, with producing credits highlighted in blue and grants list at the bottom of document.


Allison Toffan, CV

Consultation client list and references available upon request. 


  • grant proposal editing/positioning 

  • finding the right grant for your project

  • strategy -  project, positioning, career, approach, etc

  • education - workshops/events, structuring studio programs, resources, etc 

  • referrals - connecting talent for gigs


  • project development

  • project management 

  • team leadership

  • collaboration
  • hiring

  • facilitation

  • funding - grants, fundraising, donors

  • creative - vision, direction, curation

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