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In 2023, we began creation for our new outreach company, Ripple Effect. The company includes a diverse cast of new generation tap dancers and musicians, with the goal to tour community centres and libraries in the GTA with the focus to attract interest in the form to underserved communities with a broad range of cultural diversity and socio-economic backgrounds. Accompanying each show will be free workshops, showings of historical footage excerpts, and Q&As. The cast members leading the workshops will return to the same location for the following 3 or 4 weeks with the hopes to build long term, meaningful engagement. We will provide tap shoes, tap boards, and aid in linking the continuation of interest beyond our term in each community. After our first pilot season of this initiative, we’ll survey our success based on participation and interest, and adjust plans for future engagement, either branching out into new communities, or returning where we can build future development.

The show (not including the accompanying workshops) is currently 30 minutes long, with all original music by Nathan Hiltz, choreography by Allison Toffan and Juliana Kelly, improvisation, and audience participation. Joanne Baker served as our outside eye during creation. Dancers include Taylor Belnavis, Houys Garabedian, Jonah Hamilton, Serena Henriquez, and Victoria Miller with musicians Cameron Stewart, Dennis Kwok, Jackson Haynes, and Serena Mancuso.

To continue momentum, we're looking for community partners to continue developing the work, as well as start bookings!

Check out a mini-reel from our creation stage: 

To see the crew in action, check them out at:

Dance Together Festival

Mimico Square - Amos Waites Park

July 12, 8:30pm


For more information, collaborative interest, or future bookings, please email Allison by clicking below:  

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