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With a professional practice spanning over 5 decades, Heather Cornell has had a tremendous impact on shaping the global tap dance community.  A leading voice of her generation known as the Tap Renaissance, she co-founded and artistically directed Manhattan Tap - her critically acclaimed international touring company well known for live music collaboration as well as launching the professional careers of many of today’s leading tap artists. She continues to tour with various projects as one of the world’s most in demand performers and educators. 

Long time mentees and renowned tap dancers Travis Knights, Allison Toffan, and Ella Steele began collaborating in 2021 to start the first phase of the Heather Cornell Legacy Project -  a lengthy venture that will likely span the next 15 years. The goal is to disseminate her knowledge, history and teachings to the largest demographic possible without losing the inherent oral traditions.  Being a top practitioner in the field, the importance of embarking on this project now is vital, while Heather is able to lead it and fully participate in it. 


HCLP poster - no info.png

In its entirety, this project has many components and will evolve through many phases. Current components include:


 i) Restoring & Organizing Archives - publicly unavailable, dating back to the 80s; rapidly degrading

ii) Body of Work - establishing the “next generation” of professionals who will provide the distribution structure

iii) Dissemination - this will happen in a number of phases, beginning in 2024 with a focus on shifting pedagogical approach

Phase One is now underway!

Please visit:

to learn more!

Session 2 with Max Pollak is coming up in June, click below to learn more, donate and/or register for our upcoming community offerings: 

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