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August 20-22, 2021

Virtual & In Person


Looking back, forward, and side to side...

Established in 2011, Toronto Rhythm Initiative began with tap jams, building collaborations then producing shows welcoming guest artists from across Canada and around the world. As we enter our second COVID summer with no official 10th season show and the Toronto International Tap Dance Festival postponed once again, we’ll present Intersection 2021.


Through discussions following interview style short documentaries, we’ll share memories and ideas while we celebrate the past, build our future, as well as close up the weekend with an in person jam with live music to celebrate the present.




Day 1: The Past


Join us on Zoom! We’ll head to Youtube to check out a documentary style video where we speak with TRI Artists about their journeys - what the scene was before, what it is today, and how TRI has influenced their artistic trajectories. Then we’ll catch up, chat about memories, and laugh together as we touch base with some founding members as well as the new-comers to the scene.





Day 2: The Future


Join us on Zoom! We’ll head to Youtube for a video intro of our panelists’ experience, then speak with these successful outreach leaders from the US and across Canada, dig deeper into their journeys, and build knowledge with the goal to create an action plan to build tap dance access points for underprivileged communities in the GTA. Panelists include Bril Barrett, Kevin Ormsby, Dianne Montgomery, Brinae Ali Bradley, Lisa La Touche, Joanne Baker, and Nicole Inica Hamilton. The discussion will be moderated by Allison Toffan and Juliana Kelly, with questions welcome from attendants.





Day 3: The Present


We’ll host a jam at 3030, heading back to the stomping grounds where we welcomed Dianne Walker to jam with us in 2019! Toronto tap dancers of all ages and levels are welcome to dance with live music, IN PERSON! The first set will feature local greats Johnathan Morin, Cori Giannotta, Travis & Tanya Knights, Ryan Foley and more alongside some of Toronto’s finest musicians. The second set will be open to all!



3030 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON



Current COVID protocols in place:

-Masks must be worn when moving through the venue but not when seated at a table or when performing

 -Guests must remain seated at all times except to go to the bar or bathroom




All programming is FREE.

Donations will be accepted with all proceeds going towards

Toronto International Tap Dance Festival 2022.

To join us in person for the jam as well as receive Zoom links for the virtual discussions, please register below:

Toffan Rhythm Projects graciously acknowledges the support from The Department Of Canadian Heritage. We express our sincerest thanks, as the foundation has made it possible to properly support all artists involved as well as allow for us to make the event free, creating accessibility for everyone and anyone to attend.

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